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 Hola! My name is Gabriela Marquette & I’m the Founder of Rikita Chic, a small fashion business in Los Angeles. 

I think I have always been fascinated with fashion design & photography combining traditional and modern cultures. After graduating from UAG Mexico, I practiced merchandizing for my family’s store selling handmade goods from my home-state, Chiapas, MEX.

Then at age 21, I opened my 1st business: an artisanal boutique with a modern twist at an international cruise port. To expand my English business skills, I attended a work-exchange program in Los Angeles and unexpectedly met my future husband! Since 2015, he and I have traveled back and forth often to nurture connections between my Mexican family and my favorite Mayan artisans. I love creating opportunities to modernize the artistry of my relatively unknown indigenous neighbors so I am now exploring exciting new territory with them. My new brand, Rikita Chic (est. 2016), uses online retail and wholesale to share the rich heritage of Mayan communities with a fashion flare for the global market.





Los Angeles, CA USA

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